Scarborough 59/Fifty

Scarborough 59/Fifty

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All Scarborough 59/Fifties include an Over Your Head dust cover and Loonie Pin

On the banks of Lake Ontario is the former city of Scarborough. 1998 marks the 20th anniversary of the amalgamation of Toronto, when Scarborough was swallowed up by the mega-city. Although gone, it's memory is too deeply rooted to erase. It's been the punchline of jokes, the often-pointed out location of news stories and home to the famous and infamous. They look down their noses at Scarborough, think it's a ghetto or call it Scarberia... But to those of us who grew up between Vic Park and Port Union, the lake and Steeles - we simply call it home. This hat combines images instantly recognizable to all Scarberian Barbarians, including the city flag, board of education and cultural department logos.

- New Era 59/Fifty

- Black crown and brim

- Grey underbrim

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